Green IT Techniques
High Quality Controls
Competitive Prices
Who we are?
GreenIT EG is an Egyptian company that provides professional business solutions using the appropriate IT techniques to utilize our clients’ business performance, with an attitude focused as much on our clients' satisfaction as the work we produce.
We are located in Alexandria, Egypt and we are committed to serve large, medium and small business We also target nonprofit organizations, and any other special business groups in Egypt.
Top 5 of many reasons that make our clients choose GreenIT Egypt:
  • Providing full documented professional solutions with lower costs.
  • Professional treatment with our valuable clients
  • Add valuable ideas and functions to produced solutions that may help our clients’ business even it nonpaid.
  • Offering amazing, Innovative, Professional and Modernistic designs, to add a positive impact for our clients’ business solutions.
  • Delivery always being before deadline.
our team our team
What are we believe in?
Since we understand the needs and the desires of our clients. We will discuss your goals and budget to turn your concept into reality. Get introduced to our team of experts, GreenITEGYPT is committed to fulfill your satisfaction.
This commitment is a critical part of GreenITEGYPT’s approach of any project. Our company’s success is measured within the success of our clients.
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